Golden Radio is making a new experimental crowd-sourced programme called
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

The plan:
If you'd like to take part, simply record yourself (and/or other people) reading (aloud): "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo". Ideally once *before* reading the explanation below, and then again until it kind of makes sense. Additional comments welcome, and if you don't mind being credited, say your name at the beginning or the end. Here is the upload link for your audio files - recording quality doesn't matter:

The explanation:
Words that sound like each other but mean something else: the title is a real sentence (attributed to William J. Rapaport and to Annie Senghas) and the perfect hyperbole for new radio, where sound and sense collide and contradict, and words become music. Intoning the eponymous and infamous phrase over and over again in a rainbow of voice colours and intonation, this symphony of textual rhythm and emotional cadences will make the meaningful lose its meaning and gain sonic purpose, while from repetition and familiarity new meaning will arise. A great listen, even if you're not interested that "bison who are intimidated or bullied by bison are themselves intimidating or bullying bison (at least in the city of Buffalo - implicitly, Buffalo, NY)."

“Gratitude was my overwhelming emotion, too, on hearing Radio 3’s Sunday Feature: Bach and the Art of Bee-keeping...”   Church Times

“'A Wireless Revelation' was an excellent case in point: I can't think of anywhere else that this project would happen...”   The Guardian

“It is almost impossible not to be drawn in by such resonant, dire phrases, many of them familiar... it is compelling...”   The Times

“Tonight's Between the Ears is Radio 3 at its best, by turns freewheeling, precious, touching, aggravating and riveting...
Frequently beautiful, cumulatively moving – and fascinating radio...”
  Financial Times

“ intensely moving meditation – in music, sound, words, rhyme and prayer – on the act of memorial... The effect, incredibly, was uplifting:
an extraordinary mix of the celestial and the prosaic. There was also catharsis and a sense of new beginnings”
  The Guardian

“In terms of sheer beauty of performance and recording, this disc takes some beating...”   Fanfare

“I sat either slack-jawed in astonishment or emotion... ‘it was brilliant’...”   The Independent

"'s pretty much impossible not to reach a state of bliss after listening to a new album..."   Musical Toronto

Golden Radio specializes in unique “symphonies for radio” for the BBC and on iTunes. Founded by Antony Pitts and Jeremy Summerly in 2005 in order to make extraordinary, filmic radio programmes in the finest tradition of “heterophonic radio”. The founders recommend listening as if in a cinema: lights low, comfortable chair, no other distractions, apart possibly from a glass of wine and a pair of good headphones. With many decades of production and broadcasting experience and recognition – including the Radio Academy BT Award, the Prix Italia Music Prize, and launching BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction (not to mention a high-profile resignation on a matter of principle) – the Golden Radio production team now also provides editing and mastering services for some of the world’s leading record labels and for BBC Radio International, as well as their friends such as The Granary Studio. As Thomas Aquinas put it: “clarity, proportion, integrity”.